HE Archbishop Angaelos appointed Papal Legate of the Diocese of Sydney

HE Archbishop Angaelos appointed Papal Legate of the Diocese of Sydney

“Bless Lord the crown of the year with your goodness” (Psalm 65:11).

As we begin a New Year (1738AM), we ask Christ our Lord to bless the coming year and make it fruitful.
On Friday 10 September, our holy father, HH Pope Tawadros II, issued a Papal Decree appointing HE Archbishop Angaelos of London as the new Papal Legate for the Diocese of Sydney.

His Eminence Archbishop Angaelos conducted a Clergy Meeting on Friday, 10 September 2021 in which he informed the Fathers in the presence of HG Bishop Daniel of the Papal Decree before its public release, and spoke of the Road Map ahead for the Coptic Diocese of Sydney.

HE Archbishop Angaelos and HG Bishop Daniel expressed their appreciation and thanks to HH Pope Tawadros II for his love and care and to HE Anba Tadros for his efforts in the Diocese of Sydney over the last 18 months.

HE Archbishop Angaelos issued a video to the congregation expressing his joy to serve with love and humility alongside the clergy and congregation. Archbishop Angaelos highlighted his personal connection to Sydney, as his home prior to his ordination.

In the Papal Decree, reference was made to Rule 3(11) of the amendment to the Sydney Constitution, amended by Papal Decree 12/2021 issued by His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, also on 10 September 2021, allowing for the appointment of HE Archbishop Angaelos as the Papal Legate to the Coptic Orthodox Church Diocese of Sydney & its Affiliated Region.

Archbishop Angaelos affirmed the continuance of the appointment of the Interim Board of Trustees of the Sydney Diocese, Dr Medhat Guirgis and Mr Nick Kaldas pending the formation of the Diocesan Board, who are still authorised to act in their capacity, expressing his thanks for all their ongoing efforts.

We pray peace, edification and unity for our blessed Diocese of Sydney.