HH Pope Tawadros II Visit

Papal Visit 2017



As previously announced every member of the congregation must register and get a Church Membership Card to be allowed entry to any function held during the visit of HH Pope Tawadrous II later this year.


There are 3 main stages in this process:

  • 1)  Registering your details either electronically or manually.
  • 2)  A Church Membership Card with your photo will be printed.
  • 3)  The Church membership card to be collected at your Church.


Starting from 2/4/2017 both systems for registration will be open, you need to complete your registration by 14/5/2017 to allow enough time for printing & distribution of the cards.



  • 1)  On your computer or smart mobile go to https://www.hisvine.com/
  • 2)  Enter all the information as requested.
  • 3)  Take a photo of yourself and every other member of your family as requested and submit application.
  • 4)  Site will be closed at 11:59 pm on Sunday 14/5/2017



  • 1)        Collect a form from your Church
  • 2)        Fill in the form as per your driver’s license or passport
  • 3)        Attach a photo of yourself, your spouse and children under   the age of 15.
  • 4)        Hand in your completed form to your Church Treasurer.
  • 5)        No forms will be accepted after 14/5/2017


For all enquiries please contact the treasurer at your Church